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This blog has been my writing practice, my sounding board, my megaphone, my diary, my love for over 2 years. It has also been my crutch and a convenient exercise that has kept me from writing fiction. Memoir, essay, and humor come easily to me, but fiction? The hardest writing I can imagine, and what I want to write most. Dream big, right?

I have not talked much about the writing community of Key West and I have not at all talked about the fact that the writing community of Key West is indeed one of the reasons I came here. I’m not talking about the Hemingway or Tennessee Williams legacies that live here, I’m not here to channel dead authors. I’m here because the writing community of this city offers a multitude of learning experiences in the form of classes and seminars, public readings and lectures. I’m here because there are dozens of successful, living authors in Key West to mentor, advise and assist the budding writer. There are small presses, writing contests, book sellers who promote local work—and there is inspiration everywhere. In a city where diversity and freedom reign, it is almost impossible to not find something or someone that unleashes the creative spirit. And after 8 months of adjusting to my Florida life, my writing mojo has returned, and I’ve embarked on a large and challenging fiction project, one that is enthusiastically supported by locals, and I’m thrilled—now I have to deliver the goods.

I have posts in the works, I have political and social concerns that I will address, poetry that I want to share, but I have finally found myself with the discipline and desire to do more. For me, it’s all about the discipline, doing the work, committing to something. Discipline got me here, and discipline combined with inspiration and marginal talent is what will push the creative cart. So…less blog, more fiction is my aim. Better things to come, including a short story out this fall, and hopefully, a book of short stories in 2018. I will keep you “posted.”


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  1. Anticipating with pleasure your short story in the fall and your book of short stories in 2018! Glad that you are happy in your surroundings and your “writing mojo” has returned now that you are in a creative environment . Much sucsess in your endeavors. Con mucho cariƱo, Gloria. Tony says hello. Leaves tomorrow
    for Oslo .


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