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I have not had a drink since 1990 or 1991, I can’t remember. I can look it up but don’t care to at this time. Considering what a drinking world we live it, not to mention that everyone I know drinks, it’s really quite remarkable. I haven’t had a drink in so long that I almost don’t remember what drinking feels like, perhaps a slippery slope right there, but I also don’t harbor any curiosity about drinking nor am I jealous of those who can. I did, however, recently tell someone that if I were to take a drink I would like to try bourbon, which I never drank, but just so I could feel that intense alcoholic burn down my throat. I’m not going to drink, family readers, nor romanticize drinking, but something about that burn is speaking to me. Is it a metaphor, a warning, a sign, a sadness?

I have an injured friend, two seriously ill friends, a friend recovering from surgery and one contemplating surgery. I love you all and I drink to your health.


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