the bird’s nest


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I just took these photos with my phone while sitting on the balcony that is off of my bedroom—the bird’s nest. My pictures (I probably have 1,000 sunset shots on my computer) and my words do not do it justice. It is an inspirational space, narrow, with only a chair, a skinny, little bench and a candle. I have written many poems here and chapters for my novella. I have contemplated and medicated here, I have talked on the phone for hours here. It is my smoking room. Once in a very big snow storm, one of those storms with heavy wind and thunder, I locked myself out of the house while having a cigarette in the nest. My husband was two floors below and since he can’t hear me from the next room, he wasn’t going to be of any help. My son was watching tv one floor below, my only hope before jumping into the snow drift. Thanks to my tossing of a table that was there at the time and my extra large voice, I was spared from the frosty fall.

The importance of your work space is stressed over and over again on all writing-how-to blogs, and I absolutely recommend a nest (build one, find one) for all writers, artists, everyone, really. Good work and good thought comes from this place of safety, this center, and I am blessed with this space, no doubt. But comfort and inspiration are everywhere, born from within, a coupling of attitude and gratitude. Recognize and use these emotions wisely.


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