a bitch post


toni morrison


That’s right, I’m feeling bitchy—my second (and now, annual) why I hate facebook post. And here it is—the absolute truth, the real reason why I hate facebook—I’m jealous. That’s right, jealous of the “friends” and their inane posts that get 1 million “likes.” I’m sure I’m not alone in my popularity paranoia, nor am I the first to voice it, but my confession does make me feel a little foolish, like I’m holding on to some high school thing. Let me elaborate.

I’m not jealous of happy birthday likes. If all my friends wished me a happy birthday, I would still be far below the 100 mark. Nor do I feel jealous if someone’s baby/puppy pics gets more likes than my baby/puppy pics—all babies and puppies are beautiful and worthy of everybody’s likes (I do get jealous of vacation photos, but jealous because I’m not on vacation, not because of how many likes the lucky traveler gets). But I don’t like the number of platitudes that are posted on facebook, and I’m jealous of the number of likes that platitudes receive. Like Toni Morrison’s wonderful quote, above. This particular quote received many likes, and numerous amen-sister! comments, but I had just written 3 honest and difficult paragraphs on exactly how I was getting rid of the shit (read “the desire drug”), 3 paragraphs on learning to fly—and I have not received, nor am I expecting to receive, a single like. And it pisses me off because I’m in the trenches of change, I’m your on-the-scene-reporter, ladies. Look at me, read me, don’t rally round a poster. Jealousy.

I write because I am compelled to. I can’t not write. But would I like a little popularity, an occasional writing assignment/job, an income for my efforts? You betcha. I’m on friggin’ facebook in part to get some acknowledgement, to build readership, but damn, too often some snappy slogan, and the popular person who posted it, steals my thunder. Life lessons available to copy and paste into the void. Absolutely, there are quotes and assorted words-of-hope-and-wisdom posted that do inspire or strike a chord, posts that are serendipitous, timely, posts that you look at and say, “that’s a good one, I’ll hit like.” Facebook makes it so easy to endorse an enlightened path—but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to walk it, or seemingly, to even read about it. Toni Morrison doesn’t need your likes, I do. Stupid facebook.


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ps—I’m not putting this post on facebook.