dear melissa rivers




Dear Melissa,

I love what you do and your television persona—your work, your commitment to your work, your style. Fashion Police has long been a favorite and bravo to you and well done. I loved your mother, and I love how you responded, and continue to respond, to her passing. I loved her irreverence, her self-deprecation, her God-given talent for humor and performance, and her compassionate and generous other side.

I have a few questions, fellow Joan-Ranger, and please know that I consider you to be highly intelligent and forthright, as was your mother (forthright, to say the least). How the hell did your mother and Donald Trump become such good friends? Did it come from the Apprentice thing or were they friends before? Could you please explain their relationship? Would your mother have supported Trump in his run for presidency? Do you support Donald Trump in his run for presidency? If your answer is yes to the last question, could you please explain that?

Thanks for your time, Melissa. I would love to hear from you. Continued success with your show (wish you were on more often) and kisses to Joan. I don’t think I’m so baffled by her relationship with Trump as I am disappointed. But then, we all seem to latch on to bad men from time to time.


Pamela Naruta


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