the himalaya



The Himalaya, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, 1964


Their provisions included seagrams and coke and lip gloss,

Their clothing not at all appropriate for the trek across

Stone and sand and beach litter

The road to the mountain full of teenage anticipation and expectation—

The promise of nothing and everything.


They could see it from miles away

Magnificent metal rising from surf

Chaos and colors, sex and summer,

Closer, come closer, thoughts repeating

Look at me, Look at me, I could be your girl!

They arrive at the base and watch the machine

Music screaming and filling their lungs

Sweat and cigarettes and a little more seagrams

Feigning fear and into the core

Hooks and bars and men with muscles

Forward reverse faster faster

A swiss voice booming, swooning,

Do you want to go faster?




They were starlets on the boardwalk stage

Dancing on a neon sea,

Scaling new heights to play

the part they rehearsed every day.

Nothing and everything,

Outside of the confines,

Everyone turning,

Everyone drawn to that magic mountain,

The Himalay-ya-ya-ya-ya. – pn


I have reworked this poem one thousand times and am still not 100% happy with it, but close. I do enjoy the images and memories it generates, however, and for now, that is enough.


photo credit: etsy / nightingale artworklots of interesting art and illustrations