facebook tyranny / a must read




Partly in response to my “bitch post” regarding facebook, the lovely DVD sent me the New York Times article, The Tyranny of Other People’s Vacation Photos, link below. If you have ever agonized over the barrage of vacation photos on FB, the repetitious and self-serving stream of kayakers, hikers, snorkelers, walkers, foodies and winos, it’s a must read. And if you suffer, as I do, with misguided and mindless “likes,” or the lack thereof, again, a must read. My take away with regards to my sporadic blog readers (just substitute the word “stories” for “photos”):

“I have a client who really wants Likes, so he posts a lot of photos,” Dr. Vannucci said. “When people don’t respond to them, he feels very alone. So he posts more. It’s a cycle like any interpersonal cycle in which we’re doing something that people hate but we’re doing it to try to make people like us. With that type of client, I try to find out what the motivation for posting is: What are the feelings around it? What is he looking for? Then I try to help him find other outlets.”

Check it out—great article. And a note to article author Henry Alford; I just posted a sunset shot. I couldn’t help myself.


From the Times:  The Tyranny of Other People’s Vacation Photos


photo credit: flickr