courage, courage, courage

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We all think about change at some point, we all understand the potential behind it. We certainly know what desperation feels like, when change marches front and center—when your best, fucking, black slacks won’t zip up anymore, when you get into bed and your sleep-time mantra is “not one more day with this man,” or “not one more day in this job.” We’ve all read the “change quotes” on facebook and sighed “if only,” and I suppose there have been instances where the quote has inspired someone to action, where the words delivered the punch needed. But lasting and meaningful change is not one-dimensional, and does not come from words pasted onto a picture of a sunrise. The cutesy quote that prompted you to throw out all the ice cream will most likely be a distant memory as you stand in the holiday buffet line. The quote you read, the resolution you made to better yourself, your life, is probably sitting at the very bottom of the facebook feed, along with a dozen such messages meant to inspire.

So, what is it, what turns desperation in action, what do we tap into for lasting and meaningful change? Courage. Courage from the gut, not from Maya Angelou or Erica Jong, or from any other facebook heroine. Courage, courage, courage. And not courage in the sense of overcoming fear; forget fear, take it out of the change equation. It’s not about overcoming anything—it’s about bringing to the surface that which already lies within. The courage to begin, to imagine, to explore, to move, and the courage to continue, especially when all hope and strength seem to have disappeared. It’s about putting on your wonder woman suit every fucking day. Suiting up not just to battle your demons, but to also hold those demons at bay. Suiting up when you don’t want to, suiting up to remind yourself of your mighty strength and awesome purpose.

All efforts towards enacting change are positive and admirable, and whatever it is that prompts you to move is valuable. But when desperation and pain scream at you do something real and lasting, don’t count on the words of someone famous. Change comes from courage, and that comes from no one but you.




photo credit: 1st photo, the most offensive change quote I could find, came from quotestack / 2nd photo, lynda carter, came from pinterest