best enjoyed hard



Best Enjoyed Hard

Certain species of pear; one variety of persimmon
Apples; beckoning the bite of appetite,
flesh crisp, bursting juices inside
The cucumber, officially fruit,
should definitely be eaten firm

It’s not that I’m not enjoying
the soft fruit of your kiss
the luscious suck of lower lip
It’s just that I hunger for harder
So down the trunk of your torso I shimmy
grazing knees against the bark of your jeans
in tom-boy haste to grasp what I desire
Down your torso;
to pluck at your buckle
twist at the stem of each button
plunder fingers through your thicket
Seeking and finding the vital rising of sap
firm flesh pulsing against palm
warm as sun-drenched figs

As my lips surround you;
the nibble-tease of teeth undoes you
I relish the feast of your reach
on the platter of my tongue
gorge, voracious along your contours
feel you quiver and quicken,
draw the juices from you
Your trunk bends and bucks;
I cling, marsupial-clawed
a wild nocturnal creature,
weathering the hurricane-frenzy
of your scattered seeding dream
Spill of nectar licked over lips
Holding fast to your fullness

Hunger sated for harder
harder varieties of fruit  –  Adrea Kore


‘Best Enjoyed Hard’ – Ripe Ideas & Fruity Poetry

art: J Palmer

my thanks to ms. kore for this wonderful poem, and my apologies for not asking permission to reprint