puerto rico 2 – the caribbean dream photo shoot


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One of the reasons I came to Puerto Rico at this particular time (other than to apartment shop) was because my niece’s husband, Richard of Richard Bacchus Photography, would be conducting a photo seminar, The Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot, at the Gallery Inn in San Juan. Richard is a Puerto Rican insider, his mother a native, and a great connection to have far from home–plus he is an all around nice guy. But a big reason why I coordinated with Richard is because he shoots, among other subjects, soft porn, and I was very curious as to how his seminars went down. He graciously asked me to sit in on a shoot at the beach–scantily clad, partially naked girls on the rocks, waves crashing, a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit set up for amateurs. He introduced me as his aunt, there to watch and enjoy, and I never felt a moment of awkwardness or unwelcomeness.

The seminar attendees totaled 5, all middle aged men, all rather large and slightly geekish. I immediately thought of the guys who don’t get the girl, perhaps an unfair assumption on my part, perhaps an unfortunate stereotype. I chatted with them easily. They were not lustful or crude or anything but nice, they were just guys who like to take pictures of pretty girls (for reasons I do not want to know). There were a lot of models, maybe 9, and interestingly, some more popular than others. The attendees seemed to pick the girls they wanted to work with, and also interesting is that my picks were different than theirs. The models were sweet, young girls with beautiful bodies, bouncy, fun, flirtatious but not blatantly so, and they too, welcomed me genuinely. They were the pretty types you see in malls all across America, but in tiny bikinis and lots of make-up and willing to share lots of skin–and fyi, I plan on putting on more makeup myself after this experience–you know, just in case someone wants to snap my pic. The setting was magnificent, and what a way to hone your photographic skills–a caribbean beach at sunset, tits and ass and lots of windblown hair. Richard hurried about, guiding girls here and there, setting up lights, moving men—it was a blast to watch—but I got bored. I know—how crazy is that?  I spent the second half of the shoot sitting with the girls and playing games on my phone, just as they were–even crazier, huh?

I excused myself (thanking everyone and begging off because of hunger and fatigue) from the best part of the evening which was still to come—a naked sushi photo shoot. Two naked models with leaves between their skin and the food on their backs, or fronts, or I’m not sure where, followed by a sushi buffet (the food on the girls was for photographic purposes only—the buffet was to be served elsewhere—I think). I really should have gone, but there is so much down time apparently built into these things that I knew it would take forever. Plus I didn’t want Richard to fuss over me anymore, not that he had been fussing, but it seemed as if he were thinking that he should. It was great fun, thank you, Richard, a slice of life I never really thought about—probably because watching girls in underwear doesn’t hold my attention for very long.



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