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So interesting that when you travel, your residence, your hotel, be it humble or grand or dirty or unfamiliar, how quickly it becomes your haven, your safety net, your home base. So it is with my apartment, the apartment I had hoped to rent long term, or perhaps buy. I am already comfortable here, yet unsure as to whether or not it is right for me. It is a modern space inside a very old building, with an entry way that is a bit more grimy than I like. It takes up the entire third and top floor and the climb is brutal. It is a larger space than I imagined, with skylights in the living room and in the staircase and modern windows throughout. The apartment is laid out around the staircase, the bed is excellent, there are trendy concrete counter tops, LED lights, laminate flooring and three french doors that lead out to the most marvelous and huge, brick floor terrace. There is a constant breeze and the views are amazing, two blocks from the channel and the entrance to the Atlantic. It is a larger and more ancient, aqua watered, palm treed, Spanish Fells Point–so not really like Fells Point, yet that’s what I liken it to. But I wish the apartment were cleaner (such a freakin’ clean freak), and I wish that the finishes, the detail, the trim work, were more to my American standards, that it were a little less rustic and a lot more refined. I am quite snobbish and particular in that regard. I wish there were a microwave and a better coffee machine and a washer and dryer–all of which are minor and correctable, but none-the-less, affect my opinion. I wish I spoke better Spanish.

While I am somewhat familiar with the neighborhood, I have not gone out much—a trip to the grocery store and a walk down to the water. That will change and I will walk a ton, but for now I am content to sit here and write–which, frankly, is one of the reasons why I am here. It is absolutely an inspirational space, but would that not be true of most any foreign destination, or of any destination outside of the area you want to get away from?  Sigh…more to come, more to learn, more exploration into self.



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