letter to lucy 3 or 4




Hello Sweet Lucy,

I know it’s been ages, I’m so sorry. I’ve been off the radar for months and I am truly embarrassed by my behavior. Lordy, I wish I could sit with you. I haven’t seen any photos in a while–tell me what fabulous trips you’ve been on, take me away, lovely Lucy. How’s mamma? Hope she’s comfortable.

I broke it off with David, for real. Yes, I did. And I can’t stop smiling, and shaking, but really it’s just a little shaking. I was so deep into the drama. I see now how I neglected my family, my health, my writing, my relations, both professional and personal. You. I neglected you. It was as if I woke from a dream, as if the hammer finally came down hard enough to knock some sense into me. The other girlfriend, the racism, the lying, a value system that I found repugnant, the arrogance thru it all–all in attendance for an explosive night away. And bad sex. He was never as good in person as he was on paper. Maybe had the touching taken me to ecstasy, I would have tolerated a few more blows. But not the case. Anyway, I am walking away with one of those incredible “I am so much cooler than you” attitudes (hence the smiling), and I swear to God, Lucy, this feels so right that I can’t imagine falling back into him.

And more amazing news–I rented the apartment in Puerto Rico that I’ve been coveting for a year. I’m so excited. It’s back on the market and I’ve had quite a few e mail conversations with the owner, who is hesitant to sell, but we seem to have a good connection so we’ll see what happens. And I’m excited about writing. I’ve got so many good stories going, both on paper and in my head, but I need to focus. It’s coming. The focus, the words. Writing to you always helps.

Tell me all that’s going on, be well, kisses to all and an extra hug for Henry.


xxx, Claire


photo credit: blogs.scientificamerican.com

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