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I have no idea where this post is going but bear with me.

I have watched Saturday Night Live since it’s inception, and while I’m not a student of the show, I know tons of sketches, tons more than my friends or family. And while I do not have a list of favorites sketches, among my favorites is Will Ferrell as Attorney General Janet Reno in Janet Reno’s Dance Party. It’s not the funniest of bits and I don’t care much for their music choices. I also don’t think the Waco, Texas references are necessary—but I think the idea of a Janet Reno Dance Party, this formidable woman as a closet dance freak, as one susceptible to or in need of cutting loose, is genius. And I also love dance parties. In fact, for my sixtieth birthday party, which I orchestrated, my invitations read Pam Heffner’s Dance Party, the headline chosen solely because of SNL’s Janet Reno and her basement blasts. There was not nearly enough dancing at my party as I would have liked, not the fist-pumping, dance-till-your-sides-hurt kind of crowd, I guess. But as I approach my sixty-fifth birthday, I almost want to do it again. On a smaller scale, however, and with invitations that come with caveat, if you don’t dance, don’t come.

Janet Reno was President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Hillary Clinton is running for President. Hmm. Maybe I’ll send them all an invitation.


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