irma la douche bag



Some initial and random thoughts on hurricane Irma’s side effects, in no particular order.


🎏    Facebook, which I once despised, has become invaluable. The information and videos that I’ve had access to has provided comfort and clarity for not only myself and other residents effected by the storm, but also for loved ones inquiring about loved ones. To the brave souls who posted this information, my unending appreciation and thanks.

🎏    And while on the subject of Facebook, I read a post asking that the hurricane devastation not become a political debate, that we put down our weapons and come together to tackle a humanitarian crisis. On one hand, I could not agree more. But in my other hand sits an itch to lash out at those who dismiss all that science has shown us. Arrogance and ignorance will not save our earth—and if your position is that earth does not need saving, well, here’s hoping your roof holds fast and your rhetoric doesn’t slap you in the face at 185 mph.

🎏    And while on the subject of Facebook and politics, boy, you sure do find out who your friends are in time of crisis. I am so saddened that those who “unfriended” me because of political differences, could not rise above these differences and inquire as to my safety. While I certainly enjoy the company of like minds, I’ve never felt the need to do away with someone because they think differently than I do. Way too many “friends” are nothing more than numbers at the top of the page.

🎏    I am not a religious person. As much as I would like to believe in God, I don’t. While I thank all of those who said they will keep me in their prayers, I often wonder how many of them actually pray and how many have just become accustomed to saying such things. I don’t pray, at least not in the typical prayer fashion as taught by Christianity, but I will chant certain phrases that calm me, I will repeat thoughts of hope aloud and in my mind, and I always keep thoughts of those in pain at the forefront. I have many faithful friends and I while I admire their devotion and understand the benefits of being a believer, I do not think for one minute that there is a force sitting in the cosmos deciding which prayers will be answered and which ones will be dashed. And the notion of “God’s plan” is absurd to me. We live and we die, that’s the only plan out there. What goes on in between birth and death is up to us and and circumstances beyond our control.

🎏     Respect nature, respect people, respect life. Be generous with your time, your money, your love, and come to know the amazing power of gratitude. Forgive yourself for mistakes made as you would forgive others. Cherish only humans and animal life, and let those you hold in your heart know they are loved always.



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  1. People have been kind enough to pray for you. Why not just accept it and move on? Why go into a diatribe on religion? I don’t get it. I don’t believe in God either, but when someone says “God bless you” to me, I don’t get angry or bitter. I take it is a nice gesture. There’s already too much hate in the world. Why does everything have to be a battle?

    • Well, Josh, you are not alone in your thoughts, and I apologize for being combative, which was never my intent. Never having been through a hurricane ever, I must say it’s a unique experience. But it is still a processing of a loss and yes, my thoughts and feelings include hypocrisy, pity and anger as well as deep love. The post was of that moment and valid and truthful – I’m sorry I offended but that’s what was on my mind. The thoughts of today included gratitude and a little less anger, who knows what tomorrow will bring. I do know that the devout welcome questions of faith and I am nothing if not a questioner.


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