in flight, chapter 3, revisited

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John was not quite charming, but lean and firm and terribly sexy, all of which made up for any character flaws. Lydia drank a little too much, flirted more than was necessary, teasing not only John but the bartender and waiters as well. John had an irreverent sense of humor that Lydia understood and appreciated, and a quick eye that darted to her face should he be found staring at her breasts for too long. Lydia did not intentionally dress to provoke—provocation came naturally—as did this man’s unabashed desire. The evening traveled on—casual conversation, work questions and evasive answers, cocktails and more cocktails. The intimate dinner, wine and more wine, the quick touch, the shudder, the eyes that ask dinner is done, do we move on, the eyes that answer yes.

They went to John’s room as it was larger, lavish, as he was actually traveling on an expense account. They fumbled, they groped, they pulled at clothing till they stood almost naked before each other, only then coming up for air, allowing John to admire her firm, small breasts teasing behind a lacy bra and his stiff cock screaming to be set free.

“I want to make love in the chair,” Lesley half gasped, half spoke as his tongue circled her uncovered nipple. She pulled away from him and took his hand and moved him to the upholstered chair, moving the chair to a preferred position before she pulled his shorts from him. His cock pointed to her—yes, you, I want you—and Lesley fell to her knees and took him to her mouth as her treasure, her prize for her winning seductions. John gasped as she sucked him into her throat. She pulled from him again and he slowly moved into the chair as she took off her bra and panties to straddle him. Her knees were tucked in at his sides, his cock bobbed beneath her, his fingers pulled at her lips and pushed urgently inside her. She offered him her breast which he took like a babe, sucking too hard but not hard enough. She whispered, “I’m married,” and he moved his mouth to her other breast and answered, “I’m married, too.” She arched her back and turned her head to find herself and John in the mirror. She watched her hips rise and fall, she watched his head attached to her nipple move as her chest moved, she watched her mouth as it took on the shapes of ecstasy as he found her sensitive places, forbidden places. But then Lesley took his cock in, and John held her waist and moved her up and down on his shaft. She tried to keep watching in the mirror to see if any wetness would come to her eyes but their moves became frenzied and he was so hard and so good and she couldn’t find the mirror anymore, and she felt him in her stomach and felt the waves begin in her clenched feet and she heard them screaming, cursing, screaming. Oh my God, Lesley whispered to the redhead.


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