in flight, chapter 1, revisited


I reintroduce the first chapter of a story that I posted some time ago, In Flight. I will take you through chapter IV, but you will have to read chapter V in the New Urge Reader 2, available on Amazon soon. Such a tease, right?

Chapter I



Airport waiting area



“Where you headed?” he asked her.

Really? That’s the best opener he could come up with? Where you headed? Last I checked this plane was headed to Atlanta.

“Atlanta,” she told him and nothing more.

He laughed a bit and catching her tone, tried to recover with a boyish smile. “Yeah, well, I get that, but you could be catching another flight.”

“No. Staying in Atlanta,” she replied. She picked up the inflight magazine and went to the crossword puzzle, the easy one. She could sometimes finish the easy one without cheating, although she wasn’t opposed to cheating. She thought doing the puzzle made her look smart, occupied.

“Me too,” he said. “Business or pleasure?”

“Business,” she replied. Please, not now.

He heard the tone again and opted out.

“Well, hope you have a pleasant stay,” he said and pulled his business man’s back pack from under the seat, the fancy black leather kind, the kind older men buy to look like the younger men. She heard and felt him fumbling for something but nothing surfaced.

I don’t have to be rude, she thought, but the morning was just so crazy, Mark flying out of the house ahead of me. He could have easily dropped me off at the airport but then I wanted a little more time… I never did find that second pair of glasses.

She turned in her seat. “Thanks, and you too,” she said to the man, finally looking him in the eye and feeling something shift. Or maybe it was just the crossword puzzle sliding off her lap.


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