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luisa pohlmann


When I play with myself at my desk, I always start at my breasts. I stroke my breasts like a kitten and my nipples are almost instantly hard. Sometimes I pinch them, sometimes I just like to rub the tips like I am doing now. Then I like to move to my clit and circle it through my panties. If I’m reading and not typing, I’ll rub one nipple and my pussy. I usually start to shift in the chair at this point and spread my legs. My desk has an iron base with a bar across the bottom and I put my feet on this bar, pull my panties aside and touch inside my cunt. I am always pleasantly surprised to find how wet I am. Sometimes I will even gasp or moan a bit and lift my ass to get inside me better. Then I have to stop typing and can only read. I push my fingers deep and try to pull them from the back to the front wall of my cunt. I play with my nipples. I read your hot, hot, mail. Mail where you write things like, she is mine, fucking you, fucking you, sucking you, open baby, open wider baby, now I’m going to really fuck you, give me your sweet ass, baby, do you like that, baby? Some nights I moan a lot, and if it’s during the day and I’m alone, I sometimes moan loudly. You have pulled me into another fuck frenzy with you and I am crazy mad with desire. Call your demon, baby. Tell him I’m playing with myself at my desk and want him to fuck me.


artwork: Luisa Pohlmann


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