I love my playlist




I ride my bike 4 or 5 times a week for about fifty minutes. I have done it for over 3 years—and always, always with my phone and spotify playlist. Sorry, Taylor (see a two part post). When I inherited my son’s phone, he gave me an arm band to hold the phone and the most amazing, blue tooth headset so I could listen to music while biking. This music has saved me from many a crappy day, and it always, always, brings me back to center. I swear, it’s miraculous. It’s a white woman blend of rock (old and new) and pop (old and new), no hip-hop, no rap, no hippie girls or irish guys. Think The Black Keys, The Heavy, Katy Perry, The Ting-Tings, Blondie—very eclectic. A certain tempo is required for my biking and these songs all fit the bill.  It is awesome. Should anyone ever care to listen, and if you’re a friend on facebook, search for Pam Heffner on spotify, “biking” playlist.

And, no, that’s not how I dress on my bike. Just wanted to get your attention.


photo credit: chicksandfixies.wordpress.com


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