a house blessing




Thoughts of beauty made me think of this book today—a gift I gave to myself in 1995—A House Blessing by Welleran Poltarness. It’s a bit sappy, and if you’re feeling sappy (and we all get that way on occasion), it’s the perfect little read. It about honoring home, and as my readers know, I’m all about home. Some pieces below:


All who live and visit here shall be friends. Kindliness and harmony shall be the watchwords.

Let the mealtimes be far more than the fulfillment of a necessity. In this home food shall be prepared with grace, and eaten with gratitude.

Let this be the place of peace, offering refuge from chaos and doubt, and manifesting in its orderliness, a model for the larger world.

My beauty reign here, and lovely objects renew us by their silence and perfection.

I wish for you, in this sheltered place, the freedom to play and explore.


photo credit: Sacheverell Darling / Blue Lantern Studio

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