home alone



Home Alone


The house was green and brown and cool and calm

and midday sun would find its way through shuttered windows

in a way she imagined was like a southern novel.

Alone she walked the upstairs hall, checking

each room as if they were the sleeping ones,

just to see that all was right.


Play cards or read or watch tv,

feed the cat, the dog, the husband.

Work and friends and play and such

and she really did enjoy these things—

but always hurried home to her solitude, her secrets.


Oh, how hard she tried to live a life in balance.

Oh, how well she knew she lived a life of compromise. – pn


art: Edward Hopper, Empty Room


4 thoughts on “home alone”

  1. Oftentimes, we live a life of compromise because to not do so might hurt those closest to our hearts. Then a day comes when we realize that their love for us will still be there, but they grow and need to explore life and love by themselves, freeing us to live life the way we want…

    • So true, Gloria. Compromise can hold our lives together, can sustain us for only so long. When compromise invades our values and beliefs it is time to move on, but yes, love will prevail if it is true and good.

  2. Feel the cadence, the padding around upstairs, and down. All over really. “checking as if they were the sleeping ones.” beautiful.


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