hello out there




Yes, my six or so followers, I’m still here and apologize for not posting recently. I’m heavy into writer’s mode, working on two short stories, and the feedback so far has been excellent. But I’m also brimming with thoughts to share with you—in time, I promise. My visit to Puerto Rico is in a week and I will hopefully be typing up a storm. Or perhaps not. Wherever the winds take me!

One thought on my writing. I’m starting to not to think of myself as an erotic fiction writer, but rather a fiction writer who likes to put sex into the story. I like to write about sex. It’s fun to fantasize, tantalize, to tease, to push the edge just a bit. Sex is what everybody thinks about and an ingredient in nearly every conceivable human condition—such material! And I also like the fact that there are not a lot of 64, about to be 65, year old women doing this. I suspect the common belief is that women my age should be writing poetry chapbooks or that they are a bit dried up—at least, that’s what my husband thinks. Ha!  Love what you do, people!



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