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We all have mixed emotions regarding New Year’s Eve–of both the celebration and expectation. I am not a fan of New Year’s Eve parties nor of the new year countdown. I prefer to be surprised, to turn to my watch or the clock on the wall and suddenly realize, “Well, la te da. It’s a new year.” And I’m also not a fan of resolutions, the false promises we make to ourselves to change, to do and be better. Intentions aside, resolutions are meaningless (akin to the “change quotes” that I slammed in my courage post), hovering clouds of humiliating failure, causing more angst than good. I do, however, like the changing of the calendar, the significance of a fresh start, the hope of and for something new. Lordy knows we will need a shitload of hope in 2017.

But if you are inclined to make resolutions, if resolutions have served you in the past or if you are of the mindset that change will come if you deem it so on this date, consider this definition of resolve:


  • [ no obj. ] (of something seen at a distance) turn into a different form when seen more clearly: the orange glow resolved itself into four lanterns.


Turn into a different form when seen more clearly. Take a good look at yourself; be kind, be honest, be patient, be alone if you can—for how can you see yourself clearly when entangled in the lives of family, friends and others? And how can you change into something different if you are not fully aware of who you are right now?

Resolve to bring your life into focus; name your needs and wants, try to understand your motivations, learn to examine and love and enjoy yourself. The clarity may surprise you. You may find that you’re not even a candidate for change, that you’re perfectly okay just the way you are. Imagine that, Bridget.


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  1. I have spent 2016 resolving…I believe I have reached some, however miniscule, clarity.
    At least I BELIEVE I have.
    If I assert it, it must be?


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