Two Visions of Fulfillment


The ego’s vision:

I have everything I need to be comfortable.

I am serene because bad things can’t come to me.

Through hard work, anything can be achieved.

I measure myself by my accomplishments.

I win much more than I lose.

I have a strong self-image.

Because I’m attractive, I win the attention of the opposite sex.

When I find the perfect love, it will be on my terms.


The soul’s vision:

I am everything I need.

I am serene because I have nothing to fear in myself.

The flow of life’s abundance brings me everything.

I do not measure myself by any external standard.

Giving is more important than winning.

I have no self-image; I am beyond images.

Other people are attracted to me as soul to soul.

I can find perfect love, because I have discovered it first in myself.


Deepak Chopra / Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul


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