follow up to the photo shoot




Before I left Puerto Rico, I had a great lunch and conversation with Richard of the photo shoot. I will probably never remember all that we touched on. But I remember clearly our conversation as to why men sign on for these photo shoots and why the models do what they do—and of course, it’s all very simple and as old as time. Men want, and women want to be the object of desire. And I do not mean to say that men just want sex (which does seem to be the focus of their being), but they want to know and they want it to be known, that they can be king of the hill, that they can take home the trophy (especially during that mid-life thing), and the trophy in this case happens to be the photo of a beautiful girl. And while I cannot apply this belief to men across the board, I am comfortable in saying that not only do I want to be the object of someone’s desire, but I believe every woman I know wants that to some degree, whether they would agree with me or not. If a woman were to say she dresses or grooms for her pleasure only, or if she claims to dress for other women, I say bullshit—we dress to impress both sexes, we want to look good, and even if arousal or desirability is not the intent of your wanting to look good, it is still a welcome and natural side effect. The young models are well aware of their shelf life, but for now, are content to be motivated by their desirability. Along with traveling and dining around the world. Everybody’s happy—not a bad gig.

Certainly men and women want much more than what my writing touches on. We’re just talking photo shoot here. And while some may find my thoughts on the shoot, and the shoot itself, as sexist or demeaning, I do not. It’s man DNA, woman DNA, built in, never gonna change, this is who we are so stop blaming fairy tales, ladies. Gentleman, go for the gold (if you must), and ladies, enjoy womanhood and all that that entails–including being the object of desire.



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