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Oh I’m holding onto heaven. When I breathe it’s only you. – Holding onto Heaven, Foxes



From The Near Transformation of Claire


David to Claire

Subject: firsts


I think of all the delicious firsts we have to look forward to:

The first embrace in the airport, my hands gliding down your back and lightly over your bottom.

The first time I place my hand on your stockinged knee and feel your thighs part as you feel my hand slide up your leg to touch the warm flesh of your upper thigh.

The first time I move my hand to find out if you are wearing panties.

The feel of my hand resting on your ass, feeling you move there as you walk down the corridor,

you then standing before me, liftng your dress to show me, my first unveiling of your outer layers.

The first time I hold you and push my dick between your lips, the first sliding of my cock into your wet and hungry cunt.

The first time I whisper give me your ass, baby, and turn you.

The first time you feel my dick riding in the split of your cheeks and you say, “fuck me in my ass, David.”

The first tears I have to kiss away.


photo credit: Jason Langer / visit this site, beautiful


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