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I’ve always had a dirty mouth. I’m not sure where it came from. My parents didn’t curse a lot, in fact, my mother had a terrible time with the word “frickin,” which I thought was a perfectly tame and acceptable substitute for “fuckin”–apparently not. I suppose it is the diva in me that needs to express soooooo dramatically, so emphatically. One report on cursing states that fluent people in language, are also fluent in cursing. Anyway, I curse all the time, and it would eventually show up in my writing. And considering that I write erotic fiction, it would be close to impossible to do so without dirty words, and what many would consider degrading or taboo words. Like cunt. Yes, cunt.

I choose my words carefully, I love words. I want my words to be thoughtful, truthful, evocative and provocative, to bring images and memories to mind, to arouse an emotion, a reaction, a desire. If my use of the word cunt has provoked you, then I have done my job well. If it offends you, my apologies, but it’s because society has deemed the word misogynistic, and it most often is. I use the word as slang (referencing a vagina), and there is no misogyny involved, but even if I did use the word in the most negative possible way, taboo words are part of our vocabulary, our culture, and a writer must have access to all words to build a story.

Writing erotica does desensitize you a bit to the delicate nature of dirty words–they almost become clinical, dispassionate. Cunt doesn’t bother me, maybe it’s just what you make of it. There is a theory that says the sound of a word plays a role in our distaste, a conditioned association between the sound and emotional response. Maybe so, but I actually like the sound of cunt over “pussy.” Maybe some new words are in order, and maybe I should end this post before I lose my entire readership.

There’s a lot out there about cursing if anyone is interested. Pretty fucking fascinating, if you ask me.


why do we swear

why the ****do we swear all the time


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