There are difficult days on this journey, of course. This is not the Isle of No Worry. I don’t sleep well here—there’s way too much brain activity and caffeine in my system, and the air conditioner stuck in the bedroom wall refuses to fan down, so days don’t always start out sunny.

I woke with the same headache I had the day before. It wasn’t a dehydration headache (my water consumption continues to build), and with no understanding of what I’m about to say, it felt like a barometric headache, like the nuts and bolts behind my eyes were being tightened by natures whims. The heat was as oppressive as I have experienced here and storms were building (barometric headache, right?), more water and steam adding more weight to the air. I was not interested in going anywhere, not even out for more tylenol because I was tired of running to the CVS for things I kept running out of, plus every time I stepped into that place, I spent double and stuffed a Hershey’s With Almonds in my mouth on the walk home. I stayed in my icy, little, rental suite, ate canned nuts (from the CVS, of course) and salami, drank a lot of gatorade, smoked on the porch and played phone games till I was cross eyed. I clung to my computer as if it were a little, silver flotation device. I checked my email (3 accounts), messages, facebook, blog, craigslist, email, facebook, blog…over and over. I googled everything I could think of. I binge watched Castle, episodes that I had already seen 5 times. And then my plans to go to MD and pack were abruptly altered and I am now looking for a bed for 11 days. Fuck.

And look where change lives, right smack in the barometric middle of rain to fair.


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