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So, anger management. Grrr. Even the thought of managing my anger makes me angry. I have read that while suppressing your anger is unhealthy, venting can also be detrimental–venting in an aggressive manner, that is. What one must do is learn how to vent in a non-aggressive way, to discuss, to express yourself in a constructive fashion, to examine the underlying reasons behind the anger. Well, that’s easy. Nobody is doing what I want them to do! I can’t get my husband, my e publisher, my children, my friends, to behave as they should–they’re all a bunch of idiots! There. Not too aggressive, right?

Here are some suggestions for dealing with anger:

  1. Smoke cigarettes – I just smoked 5. It helped.
  2. Smoke weed – fixes most everything, albeit temporarily.
  3. Write a nasty letter – I just wrote 4. An immediate and satisfying feel good factor, but be aware that consequences may bite you in the ass.
  4. Call someone you’re mad at, yell a little and hang up – good one.
  5. Name calling – one of my favorites.
  6. Blame someone – anyone, whoever is within earshot.
  7. Dismiss all that is positive in your life – that’s right, a satisfactory life has no meaning in the heat of the moment. Don’t cloud your anger with positive thoughts, live the anger, feel it (you’ll feel foolish in time which is actually a step up from angry).
  8. Silent treatment – don’t talk for days. People will either suck up or leave you alone, either way, very satisfying.
  9. Blog, blog, blog. Put it to paper.


I’m feeling a little better, thank you.


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