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Yes, Taylor Swift, champion of artists everywhere, girlfriend to the world, the mega, mega, mega star with the ordinary voice and the best publicist ever. Yes, I’m snarky as hell today.

I just read the Vanity Fair piece on Taylor. As a writer who writes a whole lot for no money, I cannot thank her enough for her voice and mighty stance for the underpaid and unpaid artist. But am I the only one who finds all this fuss over Tay Tay and her susie-cream-cheese persona a bit nauseating? And boring? This was a fairly long article and I can’t help but think that author Josh Duboff must have been pulling his hair out trying to come up with something interesting (i.e. snarky, witty, revealing) to say about this young woman. She loves her parents, she now loves Kanye West, she loves, loves, loves her fans, she loves, loves, loves her girlfriends, and news flash, Taylor and the blondtourage (sorry Selena) do not discuss shoes during their sleepovers or over the bountiful breakfast a la Taylor–there are more “pressing matters.” Like…???  And she has a moral code–of course she does. I cringe at the words. Sorry, Josh, a whole lotta somethin’ over nothin’…yeah, I’m pretty snarky today.


Part 2 – on trying to become a successful artist, or another spin on how do you measure success?


I swell up, I swear, when I think about my potential, when I think about how hard I have worked, when I think about how I should have started writing thirty years ago, when I think about the highs and lows of putting together a story. It has been a long and difficult and almost satisfying journey. Yes, almost. I would like to make some money doing this. That’s right, money as motivator–successful artist. I have a friend who sees writing as some kind of burning passion to express oneself, some kind of esoteric calling, the writer as tortured, fragile, Anne Frank furiously penning, Hemingway puking out whiskey and words. Blah, blah, blah. I LOVE writing, I believe it’s what I should be doing and I believe I’m good at it. But I have wants and want an income, and I have not been satisfied in that regard. What I’m trying to convey is my complete, realistic and esoteric, passion for the craft of writing. I can’t stop writing and won’t stop writing, even if I can’t do it in some apartment by the sea. But don’t think for one minute that that apartment does not push me to work harder. I admire every single one of you who have ever put yourself on paper. Carry on.


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