a quick note to lulu




Clarie to Lucy: (subject) the night

Hello sweet Lucy, It was wonderful to talk to you the other day. Seriously – perfect timing, perfect lift to my day, thank you for calling–you’re so good at that. I want you to know I’m feeling terrific. It’s a beautiful Virginia summer night, and you know I don’t like summer, but I do like summer when the sun goes down. Typical Claire. I love, love, to sit on the deck late at night and that’s where I am. The Deck After Dark I will call it, my own little after-hours-club-of-one. I can be the dominatrix or the doe. I love a good fantasy. It’s nice to pretend, good to pretend, I believe. I’m pretending I’m having a cigarette right now. I wore my nightgown to the club, thin, gauzy, perfect summer sexy.  And yes, I’m high and there’s a half moon and a few stars and there should be a refection on the creek in an hour so I’ll entertain myself until then. There are kids down at the marina and they want to come into the club but I don’t think I’ll let them. They’re too young and not so versed in after hours. Goodnight, darling. Kisses to all. xxx C


photo credit: wallpaperhi.com


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