a little follow-up on the french lady



Today is Sabine’s birthday, and it was a year ago today that I moved into my Key West home. I called to wish her a happy birthday and of course, she remembered my anniversary, and of course, we commented on this connection. She’s currently at her Deale, MD home on the Chesapeake Bay, a lovely life, oui?, the point being, MD (and the close proximity to my previous home) is yet another tie to this lovely lady. She told me that Irma was her third hurricane in her 23 years in Key West, Wilma (2005) being the worst. In Wilma, there was 4 feet of water on her first floor, her car was flooded and ruined. She learned recently, via her neighbors, that Irma beat the North side of her house severely, but the beach side is in good shape. She has no electricity, but it’s a matter of getting an electrician, not a city issue. She has little hope of getting anyone out there for another 2 weeks but she has all the hope in the world that our island will be lovely again come spring.

I won’t tell you her age—that would be rude, oui?



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