a letter to my friend, a trumper.

My dearest, darling Mr. Manchester,

Well, friend, you asked for it, and you actually asked the question several times—why do I hate Donald Trump? You deserve an answer, a thoughtful one, not some hastily written FB entry. So here goes, a long and self-indulgent rant, a cathartic purge perhaps, read on at your own risk.

A notion that you like to expound on is “haters gonna hate, hate, hate” (right?), and in a recent FB post you’ve gone and put me in that hateful haters category. But it’s my position that when you or anyone posts a politically motivated/inspired paragraph or two on FB, it’s fair game for discussion. I don’t name call, I try like hell to not use ugly adjectives, but if you post something that I think is nonsensical or inaccurate, I will call you on it. Is that hate? Do you post to garner 10 thumbs up from your pals and that’s it? Is the affirmation of like minds all that you seek? What’s the fun in that? Because I disagree does not make me a hater, Mr. Manchester, and I’m a bit offended that you feel that way. And because I hate one man, it does not make me a hateful person. I would also like to point out that your passive/aggressive style of writing is riddled with hate, craftily woven so that you can always step back and say “who me?” but still evident to all who read your postings. You’re a smart man, Mr. Manchester, you know that.

Why I hate Donald Trump, in no particular order of importance, just thoughts as they come:

I hate the bullying and name calling. I think the slandering of John McCain, Elijah Cummings, Greta Thunberg, Lt. Colonel Vindman, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and countless others (public servants, members of the military, heads of state) is horrific. Thunberg is a child! Seriously? She should be attacked by a 70 some year old man, the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES? With death threats from the unstable to follow? Because why? Because she believes in science? Bullying is the weak man’s show of strength. Is this what Trumpers consider “telling it like it is?” Too make fun of people, to belittle those who threaten your position, your ego, your weaknesses? To call those who challenge you “pig face?” Who’s the hater, Mr. Manchester? This brandishing of hate is acceptable? Never mind presidential, this is just flat out rudeness, a person that I would never associate with were he a neighbor.

I hate the attacks on the press. Men and women just doing their job, day in and day out, administration after administration—showing up whether it’s Kayne West as president or George W. Bush. Several presidents have had a difficult time with the press, big deal, comes with the job, yes, the press has fucked up, yes, there is plenty of bias in reporting, everybody knows all that. But…show me ONE article that is UNFAVORABLE of Trump that is not labeled FAKE NEWS. One article. One article that is critical of the president that the White House has acknowledged as true or partially true. One critical article/commentary that doesn’t get the FAKE NEWS treatment. Do Trumpers really think that their guy doesn’t fuck up, Mr. Manchester? Is all criticism FAKE, unwarranted, excessive? Why are newspapers and reporters losers? Why is not possible to have a working relationship with the press? Why the need to constantly be on the defensive, to continually whine about coverage? You do something or say something, give your reasons why, the press asks questions, you answer without histrionics, the press writes about it and shares with the public. I don’t know and I’ll get back to you are acceptable answers. Again, and for the umpteenth time, as stated by the Supreme Court (Justice Black) in their ruling for the Washington Post over Watergate coverage: the press is in place to serve the governed, not the governor. The press is certainly flawed but it’s all we’ve got, and we do have choices in our news coverage. Look to communism for a society without a free press.

I hate the lying. As of June 1, 2020 (according to the Washington Post fact check analysis, make of it what you will), Mr. Trump has made 19,127 false or misleading claims in 1,226 days, the majority of which pertain the economy, the border wall and taxation. I’m not about to enter into all of those lies, Mr. Manchester, but will say that the border wall folly is particularly irksome. The caravans of Mexicans to garner fear, the urgency/necessity for the wall, the efficiency of the wall, the funding of the wall, the progress of the wall, really, all nothing more than a crock of shit, a nightmare for engineering, for environmentalists and for those who have to shuffle designated American dollars to save Mr. Trump’s face. And no, his economy is not the best in history. Look it up should you care to.

I hate the dismissal of science and the dismissal of those who are experts in their fields. When Mr. Trump claims to know more than doctors, generals, scientists, historians, clergy, teachers, world leaders, members of the UN, members of the judiciary, members of any number of world health, peace keeping or charitable organizations, I just cringe. That kind of arrogance is unacceptable, never mind dangerous and unbelievable. Why does Mr. Trump feel the need to say such things, to never let up on the braggadocios crap? A book in itself, a psychiatrist’s honey pot. Do people actually believe that he knows more than generals, that his instinct is spot on, that he has the military experience to make certain claims? Is that another example of “telling it like it is?” Telling the informed, the educated, the academics and the hawks that they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about? How on earth does that serve us? How can American grow, compete, lead without the education of our people? Were it not for science there would be no “Space Force.” Were it not for science, Mr. Manchester, our life expectancy would have long passed, and this time, this conversation would have never have come to be. Someone I know calls this behavior on Mr. Trump’s part pragmatic. I call it pig-headed. Again, imagine this kind of talk from your neighbor, you know, the guy that knows everything, the guy that nobody takes seriously because of his absurdity.

Are you beginning to regret having asked the question?

I hate his racist positioning. Yes, without question Mr. Trump is a racist, and should you care to dispute that I would say that you are not at all aware of what racism is (then again, there are many who are fine with racism so this ranting means nothing—I am not one of those people). From his attacks on black athletes, immigrant congress persons, his “very fine people” white supremacy support, his support of the Confederacy, to his current Kung Flu position, he stokes and stokes and stokes the fires of hate. Have you read any of Mr. Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech? His very own racism is now part of his re-election platform! Please, Mr. Manchester, please stop your China slams. I have a Chinese family and the harassment of Chinese Americans is on the rise—thanks to the unfounded, uneducated words of Mr. Trump. Have you ever been to China, Mr. Manchester? Beijing, perhaps? If your answer is yes, you might possibly have some insight as to how small, insignificant, how petty and isolated we are in our American cocoon.

I hate Mr. Trump’s denial of climate change and his pulling out of the Paris agreement on climate. I hate his backward direction of trying to bring back the coal industry. Even the coal industry realizes the futility and the stupidity in that. His support of fossil fuels is for lining his pockets only. If there is some other reason, please let me know. The clean air industry can be an economic boom should anyone care to investigate.

I hate what Mr. Trump has done to immigrant children and their families. Inhumane. Nothing left to say.

I hate that Mr. Trump is a misogynist. If you care to dispute that, look up the ways that misogyny is manifested.

I hate that our deficit is now in the trillions and there is no accountability. There was once a time when the GOP claimed to be the party of fiscal responsibility and less government—not the case anymore and has not been for some time. The numbers are easily accessible. Bail outs and tax breaks and incentives for the wealthy flourish while social services are defunded and eliminated. Trickle down economics doesn’t work, never has, never will. The rich get richer, darling, and well…you know the rest.

I hate that the Trump family is profiting from their White House occupation.

I hate the attacks on Obamacare and the constant efforts to dismantle it. Why? And with what to replace it?

I hate Mr. Trump’s response to COVID-19. Horrific, uneducated, dangerous, his arrogance, I believe, behind many deaths. Self-serving rallies during a pandemic, economic and political knee-jerking. WTF? And the fact that Mr. Trump could not/would not address his nation, his constituents, with any compassion, reassurance, concern or condolences regarding our health is unforgivable. It is cowardly, the antithesis of leadership. The number of American deaths due to COVID-19 has more than doubled the deaths in the Vietnam war and there is still no plan, no guidance from our administration. Task force my ass. Books will be written about this debacle.

I hate Mr. Trump’s dismissal of Puerto Rico.

I hate Trump’s connection with Evangelicals and the notion that Mr. Trump has a connection to God, period. God sent us Trump? Seriously? God doesn’t pick the Super Bowl winner, Mr. Manchester, and he doesn’t pick presidents. I see no connection between Mr. Trump and Christianity.

I hate that Mr. Trump dismisses our allies, insults them, belittles them. You want to debate/negotiate with allies? Fine. Don’t dismiss. It would be most reassuring if our president had a knowledge of history, historical reference, the path laid before him, if he could understand and appreciate diplomacy. Sadly, that is not the case.

I hate that Mr. Trump doesn’t address gun violence, mass shootings and the reality of domestic terrorists. I hate that he leads people to believe that Democrats will take their guns away.

I hate the tweets. One day Mr. Trump sent over 100 tweets—over 100 in one day! And guess what—the tweets had nothing to do with policy or international relations or domestic relations or game plans for a better America. They were attacks on people, businesses and institutions that opposed Mr. Trump. Wow. White House High School.

I hate the blame game. I understand that pointing the finger at the other guy happens on both sides of the aisle but Mr. Trump has taken it to new heights. EVERYTHING gone wrong is because of someone else, in almost all cases, Mr. Obama. As in his COVID response and the dismantling of the pandemic response team, Mr. Trump claims, “No responsibility.”

And I have to stop.

How do we pick our favorite quarterbacks, Mr. Manchester? I would think that we first pick on skill, experience, the understanding of the game, with charisma/personality, relationship with the press, community, moral standings, etc. coming after. I would like to know why you like Mr. Trump, why is he your QB, tell me about his skill set, his accomplishments, his leadership. How does he bring our team together? Your turn to tell me what you like about the man. I am crazy about you, Mr. Manchester, I really am. I don’t want to change your mind, I just like to look into my own. This writing was more about me than you, thank you for indulging me. You are one of those special people who passed thru my life quickly but left a profound impact. I’m sorry you think I’m a hater.