employment tips for congresspersons in fear of losing their jobs should they defy mr. trump

For the republicans (or democrats, statepersons, laypersons) who fear losing their jobs should they defy the president, here are just a few employment and employment related suggestions should it ever come to that:

write a book
write for your hometown newspaper
work for a law firm or go to law school
work as a lobbyist
work for the city you live in
work within your party’s organization/re-elction campaign
work at your local library
work for your wife’s father
work for your husband’s mother
work at Home Depot (always hiring somewhere)
work at Target (discount!)
drive for UPS (health care!)
teach a class
take a class
be a consultant (within your field of expertise, of course)
sell real estate
seek board positions
become a farmer
become a manfacturer
become a dog walker/sitter
buy a coffee shop franchise, a pizza franchise, a burger joint franchise
assist in your church
assist at your children’s school
write another book

Why, the opportunities abound! And should you find yourself waiting on a response from any particular industry as to the status of your application, the volunteer opportunities are endless. In any organization of your choice! Hope this helps to relieve a bit of your stress.