and yet another reason why I despise donald trump



As my writing hiatus fades to black and my focus comes back to the page, I’ve found yet another reason to detest Donald Trump. He has forever spoiled my use of the words “trump” (as verb) and “pussy” —words I apparently use a lot.

I’ve always like the word “trump,” imagining a one-upmanship with a gentleman’s hand and an understanding of the cards. One better, baby, beat ‘ya. But also a lucky pot that fools can fall into, and here we are. “It was a desire so startlingly savage, it trumped all restraints.” “We were dealing with a movement in which bravado trumped truth.” As I write these sentences, I cringe; almost a reference of intelligence or artfulness to a man who has none, but unfortunately, “trump” as his name.

And pussy…well, what can I say? I occasionally write dirty—what word am I to use in reference to a woman’s vagina? Certainly not vagina, everybody hates that word, even those who have capitalized on it, an unfortunate word similar to “ointment.*” I don’t mind use of the word cunt but I get so much rotten feedback from women that I wonder if it’s worth it. CUNT—just as nasty and dirty and demeaning as DICK in my mind. Whatever. So I’m left with “entrance, opening, core, center..” and “pussy.” Ugh.

Our president—destroying nature, the physical and mental health of a nation, civility, and now, vocabulary (at least mine). And tweets? Oh good God.

* for ellen murray


photo credit: The Onion