I just don’t understand white supremacy



So, should I ever talk to a proclaimed white supremacist (do they acknowledge their title and really, I hope to never talk to one), I would have lots of questions. I often wonder, what do they want, what is their objective, why are they so angry? Here’s my short list of questions for a white supremacist:

  1.  Is your aim to purge the United States of immigrants and blacks?
  2.  Do you see this as something attainable?
  3.  What is the criteria for expulsion or non-entry?
  4.  Is it the role of government to decide who can stay and who has to go?
  5.  Can some of the undesirables stay and what is the reason that they are allowed to remain in the United States? What roles would the non-whites assume in your society?
  6.  Is your end game to rule over all non-whites (the ones that were allowed to stay)?
  7.  Do you see this as something attainable?
  8.  What do the wealthy white supremacists think of the poor white supremacists?
  9.  Does the poor white supremacist become the new immigrant?
  10.  Where does your hatred of non-whites stem from? Is it from a personal experience, an injustice of some sort, envy, self-loathing directed at others?
  11.  What is your definition of the American Dream* and is it only available to white-faced Americans?


Thank you.

* A phrase that happens to nauseate me right now